First of all, we need to understand what is the difference between medical laser and IPL hair removal. The medical laser uses diode technology. It sends light waves of only one wavelength which targets hair precisely. They reach only the part of the hair responsible for its growth not harming any surrounding tissues. The temperature of the hair rises so hair is destroyed permanently. Good medical lasers have around 95% effectiveness which means only 5% of hair may grow again. These are basically hairs without melanin which are weak and light.
IPL is not a laser in fact. The name comes from Intense Pulsed Light. It works on xenon lamps which emits light of different wavelengths. It is rather irradiation. Beams of light are absorbed not only by hair melanin but also by surrounding tissues as IPL is not as precise as a laser.
Because of the precision, removing hair with a medical laser may take more time than the IPL method. While legs depilation may take around an hour with a laser, it is only 20 minutes with IPL lamp. But please remember that you may need 2-3 IPL sessions while it would be only 1 with medical laser for the same effect. That’s why medical laser is much more efficient.

Laser hair removal appeared on the market for quite a long time. Still, many women use traditional hair removal methods. Most popular are:

This is performed mainly with a disposable razor. The method is very quick and may be used basically everywhere. It is also perceived as very cheap. Still, hair grows back really quickly, in some cases the next day. This is why in longer perspective expenses on the razors may not be as low as we think. Not taking into consideration the time spent. The other drawback are the ingrown hairs which in fact happen often while using mechanical hair removal methods. It means that hair cannot break the skin and grows under it. It may lead even to severe inflammation or scars.
Depilatory Creams
This is the method most commonly used at home. Creams available on the market work by dissolving the hair at the level of the skin. Even though most creams contain ingredients that delay hair growth, it is still a short-term method. Skin remains smooth only for a few days. Additionally, creams can cause allergic reactions, so before using it is worth to perform the test.
Epilator is a simple and easy-to-use device that uses fast rotating blades that remove hair together with the root. Hair begins to grow again after around three weeks. This method is quite painful. Some epilators are equipped with extra cooling or massaging parts, which partially Minimise the discomfort.
This way is popular both in the salon and at home. Warm wax is applied to the skin. Then its layer is covered with cotton strips. After the wax is cooled down, the strips are broken off so the hair goes out together with the root. Skin remains smooth for a few weeks, new hair is weaker and thinner. The disadvantage of this method is quite a strong discomfort, therefore it is not recommended to persons sensitive to pain.

Sugar paste
This method is less popular but similar to waxing. Sugar paste is applied on the skin. It is quite easy to remove after the session. The other advantage is that, unlike the wax, sugar paste sticks to the hair, not the skin. That is why this method is less painful and does not irritate the skin. Hair grows back after about two weeks and are much weaker.

Analyzing all these methods it is obvious that medical laser is the most effective, long-lasting and economical way of removing hair. After completing all sessions you can enjoy smooth skin for years. You don’t have to invest in any other devices or formulations. You don’t have to worry about ingrown hair. It saves both time and money.

To prepare for laser hair removal you have to stop skin tanning at least a couple of weeks before. You shouldn’t use any light sensitizing drugs 2 weeks before the first session. The day before you should shave the skin using the traditional razor and mild soap.

After the session, for about 3 weeks, you cannot expose the skin to the sun, including using solarium or tanning creams. You should avoid swimming pool, sauna, and hot baths. It is worth to avoid anything that can irritate skin: body scrubs, exfoliation, cosmetics containing alcohol.

You have to remember that in some cases recommended for us method to remove hair but will not laser hair removal. Contraindications include:
-tanned skin
-inflammation of the skin
-topical infections